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Tue, Sep 06


Green Lake/Yates Park

Healing Music Circle For Recovery From Substance Addiction

A deep healing and self-reflective musical workshop with music-based techniques to develop mindfulness and awareness of oneself to assist in the healing process of recovery from substance addictions.

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Time & Location

Sep 06, 2022, 5:30 PM – 7:00 PM EDT

Green Lake/Yates Park, 200 N Lake Dr, Orchard Park, NY 14127, USA

About the event

Have you attempted participating in meetings for recovery from drug and alcohol addiction where nothing appeared to resonate with you? 

Have you ever been to meetings where you felt like there was some information that did help but you still felt like there were understandings on healing and who you truly are that were not being spoken or shared with you at those meetings, which just left you feeling like you were filling the void with an exchange for those meetings instead of addiction because you didn't know where to find what you felt was missing? 

Have you chronically relapsed days, months or years after getting sober and wondered why you would go back after all this time? 

Are you struggling with staying clean and feel angry, scared or upset because nothing feels right or makes sense, but you know in your heart that you are ready to heal and begin a new chapter in your life? 

Are you feeling lonely, and in search of answers that you have a premonition or feeling that they are bigger than yourself but having a difficult time resonating with every other outlet for healing you have found up until this point? 

Are you questioning everything you thought you knew up until this point about recovery and addiction, and looking at new ways of observing yourself and how addiction and recovery have truly affected you? 

Do you have a hard time being able to "admit that you are powerless" to something outside of yourself because it does not feel right to you for some reason?

Have you been clean for some time now and are still feeling as though there is something missing from the lessons learned throughout recovery thus far?

Do you want to know who you truly are and heal the subconscious void inside of you where addictions reside to remove the layers of trauma and suffering and become one with the truth of your existence as a being of infinite source love and infinite source light?  

Are you curious to figure out what that last question really means to you?  

These Healing Music Circles for recovery from substance addiction will help you discover who you truly are by guiding you through sound and music related techniques that can help you heal from the traumas created during and because of active addiction. Music has the ability to heal us on a cellular level, which means it can help restore, nourish and balance our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness. 

Throughout these workshops we will have the opportunity to release the layers of guilt, fear, anger, resentment, hatred, sadness, selfishness and all other thoughts, feelings and actions that do not resonate with who we truly are in our hearts as beings of infinite love and infinite light. We will also learn how to develop an understanding of who we truly are by building a relationship with our hearts. In our hearts, we will find serenity. Through learning how to create the lives of our choosing by connecting to our hearts with self-nurture, we will learn that we are worthy of infinite love. 

When we learn that we are worthy of love, we will begin a journey of self-love which will in time, lead to true internal sovereignty.  Having personal experience with a large list of traumas faced through and from active addiction, I have been actively healing myself through holistic practices of self-love and self-nurture through mindfulness, music and energy healing that which have shown me the true essence of who I am, and who we all are. 

In these workshops you will learn mindfulness techniques that can help you release cravings and other unwanted thoughts and feelings through developing practices of self-love, self-nurture, self-reflection and self-trust. We will delve into what it truly means to trust that we are strong enough to recover from addiction and all traumas by reconnecting with our hearts and higher selves (higher self = our soul). Healing is a very challenging path when there are many traumas to release that have been blocking us from accessing the love in our hearts. But I believe that anyone who struggles with addiction is strong enough and worthy enough to access the remembering of who you truly are.  

These healing circles will give the opportunity for a community of people in recovery to support each other as well as learn how to support themselves through the healing process of remembering who we truly are as beings of Infinite Source Love and Infinite Source Light.   

Benefits of Music and Mindfulness for recovery from Substance Addiction: 

~ assists in healing depression and anxiety 

~ gives opportunity to release and heal from anger  

~ Reconnect with the heart and soul through self-love, self-nurture and gratitude 

~ Heal/Release PTSD and Trauma 

~ Learn healthier lifestyle choices and habits to incorporate into daily life 

~ Release cravings 

~ Access the opportunity to remember self-worth 

~ Develop a sense of motivation and inspiration in life  

~ Learn mindfulness practices that help bring you back to the present moment with every breath and in every moment of every day 

~Learning what ego and duality are, their role in active addiction and how to see beyond them and remove the darkness within us to connect ourselves to the infinite love and light that we truly are  

**This workshop is 100% supported by exchanges only. Any form of exchange that is healthy and from a place of love is welcome within reason. Money, healthy vegan foods like fruit or vegetables, or your own creative inspiration and services are a few examples.

 **No prior musical experience needed. If you are seeking help and this workshop resonates with you, then you are welcome to join at any time. If you wish to make a payment for the workshop, please bring cash or you can send venmo. Thank you

**Please bring: 

~ a chair or blanket to sit on unless you prefer to sit directly on the ground 

~ a journal to take notes (not mandatory, preference only)  

See you there <3

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