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Thu, Jan 19


Erie County

Pop-Up Mini Sessions @ Rising Goddess

Andasha is offering mini individual sessions for Personalized Intuitive Guided Meditations W/ Music, Introspective Sound Therapy Sessions and Intuitive readings.

Time & Location

Jan 19, 2023, 5:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Erie County, 225 Highland Pkwy, Tonawanda, NY 14223, USA

About the event

These mini pop up sessions being offered on every Thursday at Rising Goddess integrate higher vibrations of your higher dimensional self within your heart and energy field to assist you in releasing the layers of impositions from all things that have created harm on us. There is no better time than the Here and Now to intentionally open our hearts and connect with the flow of Infinite Love ready for us to embrace with resilience, self-love, self-nurture and compassion towards oneself. Each session of every kind will last for approximately 20 minutes. Below is a description of each option for a mini session:

~Personalized (Intuitive) Guided Meditation w/ Music:

In this mini session you will first receive a mini intuitive reading that will more than likely be what your meditation is based around, to activate healing. Following your reading you will be guided through a meditation created on the spot, that will provide you an opportunity to activate your heart, open it past the limits it's ever opened before and connect with the Infinite Love that you truly are. These meditations are always designed to create a safe and nurturing space for you to release what does not serve you in a purely loving way and make room within your mind, body, heart and soul for the higher vibrations of Infinite Love from your Higher Dimensional Self to step in and fill the spaces that which you release any imbalances or blockages from. Your personalized meditation that is intuitively designed on the spot for you during the mini session will always be followed by song where you will be guided through a meditative heart-opening experience throughout the composition.

~Introspective Sound Therapy (Individual Session):

During an Introspective Sound Therapy session you will have the ability to delve into a music-based experience and connect with your inner Infinite Source Creative Flow. Note that you do not need any prior musical experience to sign up for this session. You will be able to choose from a few different options for how your mini session will go: 

1. write your own mini composition 

2. do some improvisation using your voice or instruments provided (including singing empowering mantras) 

3. lyric analysis with a sing-along 

4. Gratitude Sing-Along that which we will create together in that moment

~Intuitive Reading:

During an intuitive reading you will receive messages directly from your Higher Dimensional Self that I channel for your current needs in the "Here And Now" at the time of your session. I will only share with you messages that you need, so be prepared for total openness and vulnerability. The messages you will receive will only be channeled from your higher dimensional self, so they will of course only be from a place of Infinite Source Love, Infinite Source Light and Infinite Source Consciousness. I do not mess around and will never listen to messages that are dualistic and are not coming from a place of Infinite Love. If it does not resonate with my heart and Higher Self I will not share it with you.

For every type of session the exchange is $30.00/20 minute session.

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