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Attachment & Relationships

Many of us are experiencing an uprising in our awareness as changes in our relationships with ourselves and others are rapidly and continuously occurring at this time. In last week's blog post a shortened explanation was discussed of what Unconditional Love is and how we can BE it and apply it in our lives within relationships internally and externally. It cannot be addressed enough that learning how to feel and recognize ourselves as this infinite love will create a pathway of heightened awareness that "One is All, All is One." Through this internal experience we will truly understand how to love others Unconditionally because we are then aware that they are of us. This is a true experiential understanding of "namaste" which translates to English as "the light in me knows and loves the light in you." We are that light and once we know how to embody it through self-love and self-nurture then we become that love unconditionally inwardly and outwardly. Once we grasp ths awareness through internal experience, only then will we also understand that we are not, and never have been separate from one another. This awareness purely exists in a state of consciousness - a higher dimension than the third dimension that physical, mental and emotional elements of our experience are no longer the only essential aspect to be in our awareness. To attach to someone or something is to form an emotional dependency on their existence in your life. This will typically come with expectations of who, what and how you want them to be, who or what you think they are to be to you and what you think their role needs to remain as in your life. The list continues but I feel this is a good starting point. This attachment will create a comfort zone in which you will unknowingly exist in, creating an illusion based in dualistic desires where your growth and remembrance that you are a higher dimensional being inhabiting a human experience will be stunted, slowed down or even ignored. Learning how to be truly independent and whole within your own heart will be the only way to discover that you or me or I and I and I are all infinitely One. Through this experiential understanding you will be able to detach from other people in your life and recognize that you are the creator of your own healing journey, your own path, your own emotions and your own choices. This fortunately forms a healthy balance between two people who are actively looking at themselves to heal, grow and connect with Pure Infinite Love, or unfortunately creates dissonance from the other person in your life not choosing to look at themselves and acknowledge that love is the only aspect that needs to be of importance. Find the love in your hearts; start by asking yourself this: What does the Infinite Love within my heart feel?

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