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Connecting With our Inner Child: Who Is Our Inner Child?

The inner child is our absolute purest and most innocent part of our soul. Our inner child is who feels joy, bliss and brings a sense of warmth and peace when we allow ourselves to do the things our hearts are passionate about that help us access the Source Creativity and Source Love that is within us all. The inner child is the part of us that we access when we allow ourselves to play and have fun. Every single person has an inner child. The only way we connect with our inner child is through the strengthening of the connection within our hearts. From observing myself and others, I have come to the awareness that it is a choice that requires a lifestyle change in order to open the heart. We have been taught to look outside of ourselves for every form of approval from what we look like, our skill sets, our intellect and much more. Through social programming, social patterning, how we were raised and how we were taught to understand "us" as we know ourselves through these things (being only a few of many forms of programming and patterning that have been imposing illusions on us). Anything that has distorted our ability to feel loved, cared for and safe inside of our hearts has created a foundation of illusions that which our lives and egos have been built upon. Now, the thing to remember is that all of the people who have taught us to look outside of ourselves and judge, criticize, compare, feel guilty, be unloving or aggressive, and more, are NOT to blame. We do not need to blame ourselves or anyone else for what has been imposed on us, because the ones who have imposed anything that has ever made us feel unloved, uncared for and unsafe have been imposed on as well, and they didn't know any better but to pass it along to us. This is where true self forgiveness comes into play. The only way to learn how to feel cared for, safe and loved is to look within ourselves and release the layers that have brought up feelings of fear, sadness and anger that have prevented us from feeling loved, safe and cared for. Once we allow ourselves to remove the layers we begin to access freedom within. Feeling loved, cared for and safe is an internal experience FIRST. This is why I said it requires a lifestyle change. Our inner child is that part of our soul that is so pure and loving and just wants to play and have fun. When we allow ourselves to step back from the hectic lifestyle we live full of work and whatever else we "have to do to live" and allow our hearts to receive the nourishment needed through some healthy, healing fun activities or adventures, we are connecting with our inner child! Suggestion for this week: Go outside and play under the sun, or in the rain, go dance in the woods or at a live performance of a cool band you like or even a band you've never heard of but think you could jam to. Get together with some friends and play games and have a campfire or maybe have an art night with some other family or friends that also may enjoy creating. MAKE TIME TO HAVE FUN!! you are WORTHY of giving yourself this inner freedom!!

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