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Duality In A Nutshell

Through every single experience in my life, I have noticed that duality is disturbingly embedded in every single layer of emotional and situational trauma that has ever played a role in creating imbalance in my life. So what is duality? Duality is the illusion that everything has an opposite that are either for or against each other with no form of deeper conscious connection or understanding to life. We've all been taught from a very young age about opposites; right versus wrong, dark versus light, good guys versus the evil villain, small versus big, skinny versus fat, black versus white, day versus night, girls versus guys, the list could go on for a while. When we allow our minds to fall silent and we open ourselves into the love in our hearts we no longer see any of these opposites as things to compare differences or how they are separate from one another, but we observe them from a place of "I am aware that I am love, I am aware that they are love, I am aware that we are the same." The only yet massive difference from this place of loving observation or as Ram Dass called it "loving awareness" is that of one degree. Let's look at the example of dark and light. Someone once used this example for me to understand so now I always love to share it with others: What happens when you shine a light in the dark? The dark no longer exists in your perception as an evil, dark, nasty or scary thing because you see its true essence when it's in the light. You can't see a lamp in the dark in all of it's true beauty unless you turn the lamp on. But once it's on you see that it always was this magnificent creation and are grateful for the light it shares with you. The dark is just so far removed from its true essence that it forgot its true nature of Infinite Source Love and Infinite Source Light. It may not even want to go near the light, why? Probably because it's painful because the light just reflects all of the ugly, nasty, evil things it has done right back into it's face and nobody ever wants to really look at that stuff. We'd feel guilty, we'd feel sad or angry right? Awful, awful feelings. This is where coming into our hearts comes into play. We can look at dark and light from the perspective of looking at ourselves. When we're angry we don't feel, think, see, respond or act clearly. We just keep reminiscing about how angry we are and possibly try to make sure everyone around us knows just how angry we are too, but in our minds they may never understand. We become a train cruising straight ahead wobbling on the tracks until we run out of coal and can't keep moving forward. This aspect of what energies reside in us is dark and unnatural. Anger, sadness and fear are all unnatural to the human body, human mind. It's imposed on us and it is not meant to be part of our existence in any way or form. So when we look at the dark within us from this understanding, we must keep in mind that even if we cannot feel joy, even if we cannot experience bliss or find the love in our hearts because we are so angry or scared, remember that the love in your heart is always there even when you can't find it because you ARE love and tell yourself "I am not going anywhere. I am staying right here for myself and will be here for myself every single moment of every single day because I am worthy of remembering my true nature as an infinite being of Infinite Source Love and Infinite Source Light having a human experience." To choose to live embodying love instead of living in duality is to choose a path of least resistance. Choose to learn how to experience love and you choose yourself; even if you don't quite know what it feels like to experience Infinite Love as your true self of Infinite Source Love and Light. Choose the path of remembering with the path of least resistance and you will find that freedom holds no definition other than something you can attain when you live existing as the Infinite Loving being that you truly are when you are in your heart. Anything that tries to stray you aware from the oneness in your loving heart is trying to suck you down into a deep dark lonely hole of separation unconsciousness formed by duality and structured by ego. It is time for us all to let it GO. You are worthy of knowing your true essence as love and light. If you feel called, please place your hands on your heart and tell yourself this: "I am not going anywhere. I got this. I am Infinite Source Love. I am Infinite Source Light. I am staying right here and nothing can take me from my heart."

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