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Healing The Inner Child

This blog post will be somewhat different than the last few. I am going to encourage you to read this extremely slow. Read every word so slow that it may almost be uncomfortable. This is to really experience every moment within every word in as much fullness and wholesomeness with yourself as possible. This will be more of a guided meditation to connect with your heart and inner child. Please place both hands on your heart space, right at the center of your chest on your heart chakra or Anahata. Breathe into your heart space three times, each time being aware of how your breath feels and how you feel sitting in the chair or on the floor, with your feet flat on the floor or with your legs crossed. Be comfortable, and allow yourself to become this experience. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Envision being on the shore of an ocean, the temperature is just perfect for your comfort with the sun smiling down and the wind brushes through your hair almost with intention to keep you cool and connected to your breath. The tranquil rhythm of the ocean waves gracefully asks you to listen - she reminds you to feel your feet in the sand and allow yourself to feel the love in your heart. For you have made time for self-love and self-nurture to become what you experience in the Here And Now. You feel the grains of sand between your toes and under your feet, and as you observe this you begin to feel the warmth of the sand cleansing your feet, rolling away all physical tension from your feet, clearing all imbalances and blockages from your Root energy center. As the tension releases and the energy blocks clear you begin to feel and/or see the energies of Mother Earth rising up through your toes, heals and the soles of your feet, moving up into the tops of your feet, into your ankles, up your shins and calves into your knees, up into your hips and then up into the root of your spine and then shooting straight up your spine, up the center and back of your neck, then out the top of your head. You have now aligned your heart frequency and higher self with the Earth energies. Taking a deep life force breath into your heart, the birds flying above have just now caught your attention - they are playing with each other and flying in circles under the sun. This inspires you to smile to yourself and open your arms to face the sun. Eyes closed you feel the warmth of the sun beaming down into your arms and hugging you with her supportive, healing embrace. All of the sudden you hear the most gentle and loving voice of a young child to your right, they playfully call to you "Hey! Come play with me!" You lower your arms from the sun, while remaining aware that the nurturing energies that she shared with you are within your heart now. You feel your feet rising and falling from the warm sand as you run over to your inner child. Once you are standing right in front of each other, your inner child looks up at you, smiles wide and opens their arms to give you a big bear hug. With strength and trust you give your inner child a hug back. While hugging each other you feel your inner child saying to you "You are worthy of knowing yourself as the Love in your Heart. You are worthy of feeling joy. You are important. You are beautiful. Thank you for connecting with me." . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [At this point I will ask for you to finish the rest of this story with your own creativity and your own personal experience with your inner child. It may be through continuing this meditation or you may end up feeling inspired to go play in a healthy way today. Either way, allow yourself to connect with your inner child and welcome them with gratitude and strength knowing that you are worthy of embracing your inner child with gentleness, love, peace and playfulness. When you play with your inner child in meditation or in "real life" (whatever that is) allow yourself to be aware of some things: What do you see? What do you feel? What do you hear? What do you smell? What do you taste? How are you feeling emotionally? Is there something blocking you from having fun and playing, or are you able to play freely without fear or sadness? Are there racing thoughts that try and distract you from playing with your inner child, or are you able to be fully present while playing and having fun? **If you have racing thoughts or feelings of sadness or fear arise, do not get discouraged. Being triggered is only an opportunity for us to look at what within us is or has been creating an imbalance. This is an opportunity to release it by letting go, forgiving yourself for feeling that way and then to move on. You are worthy of connecting with your inner child. We all are. Remember to be gentle with yourself, because you deserve to give yourself unconditional love. You are worthy of knowing yourself as the love in your heart. Becoming the awareness that is Unconditional Love is an intense process yet we can all attain it. Now go and play!

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