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Infinite Blessings

(While you read the following, be sure to read slowly and take considerable amounts of time for every word to soak in. No racing through, no rushing, nothing needs to be in your awareness besides your breath, your heart, the words you are reading and how you feel throughout what you are about to read. Remember that you are ready to receive the message you are about to read, with open hearts and open minds, open arms and as infinitely as love and light that you are. I am grateful for any shared feedback.) . . . . . . . . . What if I told you that there IS an on switch? That once you turn this switch on, you feel inspiration, creativity, compassion, abundance, worthiness and love throughout your entire being? Now read this as though you are speaking to yourself, instead of reading words someone else wrote: I am capable and worthy of experiencing infinite inspiration. I am capable and worthy of experiencing infinite creativity. I am worthy of understanding true Source Compassion. I am worthy of infinite Source abundance. I am infinite love. I am infinite light.

I am infinite. I am a multi-dimensional being having a human experience, and am worthy of experiencing true sovereignty. (Please place your hands on your Anahata/ heart chakra and breathe in through your hands, into your heart. This will activate your heart energy to flow more throughout your entire physical body and energy field.) I am worthy of knowing who I truly am.

I am worthy of Knowing the Infinite love within me. The light within my heart is infinite. I allow the infinite light within my heart to guide me at all times. I am infinite Light. . . . . . . . . . Now, who are we? We are beings of infinite source love and infinite source light. The "space between two thoughts" as many call it, is where you connect with the true and infinite nature of our be-ing. Allowing ourselves to open our hearts and rest in the peace and love within them, we are capable of becoming the experience as well as being an observer of yourself becoming the experience. This is called Source Consciousness, a beautiful way to understand it is that you are existing in total Awareness. Not only living, but observing yourself living, without judgment...without ego. You and I are not simply the names we grew up knowing ourselves to be, with the ego that comes attached to it. We are beings of multi-dmensionality and we are experiencing life through this human body many call a costume. Being a human is not all that there is. What we need to learn is how to know this and experience life from the love in our hearts instead of through our ego. When we fall into the energies of the love of our Anahata, we forgive ourselves and realize we are worthy of this love with the Source Understanding that we simply ARE that love. There is no separation from us and love. Once we come to understand this, we begin to speak more kindly to ourselves and others, eat healthier by choice, delve into creative explorations, mediation or yogic practices and other holistic practices, read books that teach love instead of imprint fear. . . the list is infinite. The light in you, knows and loves the light in me. Always, my beloved reflections, WE GOT THIS! More on what the ego is and how to observe ourselves beyond it, coming soon. Much love! Amanda <3

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