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Self-Acceptance: Part 1: Self Acceptance

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

Self-Acceptance How many times in your life have you struggled to accept yourself? Either because of having low self-confidence about yourself or because you felt angry and projected it at someone in a really dark and nasty way. I can probably come up with an extremely long list of moments like both of these, myself. There are so many ways people put themselves down - it's so disturbing how everywhere we look there is a TV commercial showing aggression or a radio ad trying to swoop in and get you hooked on chemically created foods, magazines of models that make you feel like you have to be a model with a perfect body in order to be worthy of being seen as "attractive" . . . the list seems to go on and on. These are all designed to program us into feeling as though we are not worthy and are not good enough until we look the way these models do or obsess about juicy gossip about famous people, or wear the clothes they are selling, use the skin products they are selling (that are probably full of chemicals and actually do more harm than healing). The truth is, each of these ads are implying a same thing: that we need to look outside of ourselves to feel and be whole. What absolute nonsense is that. Put in the most clear way possible: I'M NOT BUYING IT. Literally and energetically. News flash: anything that makes you feel fear, sadness or anger towards yourself or towards others is a total illusion and does not need to be given any power any longer. There is not one single person, food, article of clothing, type of makeup, vehicle, allopathic OR plant medicine, etc. that will EVER fill the void that is within you with love. YOU must be ready to fill that void with the love within yourself. When you open your heart and acknowledge that you can really heal yourself by trusting that you are a spiritual being inhabiting a human experience, not a human being having spiritual experiences, you have taken your steps towards becoming free from the paradigm of illusion. So how do we accept ourselves? We have to trust that we are exactly what I stated above: Trust that you are an Infinite spiritual being of infinite love and infinite light, inhabiting a finite human experience. Trust that you are this, until you are able to experience it within yourself. To trust that you are this beautiful infinite being of infinite love and infinite light will be all it takes for you to start unraveling the layers of deception created by the impositions that have been placed on humankind. These examples I gave about the ads and commercials are just some examples. Yet anything that makes us feel that we are separate from the infinite love that is within our hearts is a total illusion and we never deserved to feel any fear, anger or sadness because of this. You are not the fear. You are not the sadness. You are not the anger. But you ARE the infinite love that is within your hearts. You ARE worthy of feeling inner peace. You are worthy of letting go of the pain, resentment and guilt that you have felt from being treated poorly and from treating yourself poorly. There is no better time than the Here And Now to accept ourselves as this Infinite Love and Infinite Light and trust that we can remove the illusion that we are less than this.

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