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Self-Acceptance - Part 2: Who Am I?

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

Self-Acceptance: Who Am I? In the previous blog post on Self-Acceptance the importance of recognizing our traumas, and that we are NOT to identify ourselves based on those traumas has been mentioned as a key part to accepting ourselves. After writing this post, I am unsure of what reason the post from last week needed to be shared first, though I am trusting this order of them will give clear explanations and are found helpful in some way for you as the readers. You are not your traumas. You are not the anger. You are not the fear. You are not the sadness. You are not the guilt. It is unbelievable how we have been taught growing up to accept ourselves as being traumatized people and that it's just a part of life that we need to accept, and move on, cope with and just drink another beer or take another pill because "it is what it is." How many textbooks or homework assignments, tv shows, song lyrics or news reports (just to name a few examples) have taught us how to answer the question "Who am I?" Most have probably never even thought to ask. This is not to rag on teachers or songwriters or anyone else for that matter. We have all been imposed on with the same social programming and imprinting of these false perceptions of what reality should be. When I started this journey of healing and expansion, I had a very internal and personal experience within myself that illuminated the importance of grasping a trust in the awareness of this: We are ALL infinite spiritual beings of Infinite Love and Infinite Light inhabiting Finite human suits otherwise known as human bodies; we are NOT human beings having finite, spiritual experiences. I'm not going to tell you what to do, but I strongly encourage you to go back and read that again. Let it sink in. There came a time over the year and a half where I truly began to see so clearly through the illusions that have been imposed on humankind. The layers of traumas and false realities that have been imposed on all of us have created such a deep feeling of separation inside of ourselves that so many that walk among us could look at us like we're crazy to believe that we are infinite beings of infinite love and light having a finite human experience. How lonely of a place to be, I mean really.... I've been there. I get it. It's nobody's fault really, even if we have done things that were self-destructive in some way. We no longer need to accept that trauma is part of our reality. We no longer need to accept that we are traumatized. We can accept that it did happen, but we must learn to trust that we are infinite beings of love and light and that we do not need to hold onto the dark any longer. We are all worthy of feeling safe and we are all worthy of releasing the fear of being separate or of being harmed or of harming others because if we can learn to trust that we ARE love, then we will be able to give and receive love. To accept oneself as Infinite Love and Infinite Light is how you will be able to set yourself free from the layers of pain and suffering. In order to set yourself free from the pain and suffering, you must also learn to forgive yourself. To accept who you TRULY are isn't anything less than Infinite Love and Infinite Light will help you to forgive yourself for holding onto EVERYTHING that is unloving that has been weighing on your shoulders. Let it goooooo. It does not serve any purpose in your life other than to distract you from what is going on inside of your heart. To wrap up this post, I have a short meditation for you to try if you feel open to it. . . . . . . . . . Begin by placing your hands on your chest right on your heart energy center/Anahata, left hand first, right hand on top. Breathe into your heart a few times to activate your heart. You may feel your hands grow warmer; this is how you know you have activated your DNA Heart Template. Observe your heart from your pineal crystal, then bring the awareness down from your pineal crystal into your heart. Breathe into your heart a few more times. When you say this mantra, be mindful that you do not just use your brain's voice. Speak with your heart voice. "This is my heart voice." Keep saying it within your heart until you feel you recognize your heart voice. Repeat the first mantra with the second mantra right after, going back and forth between the two: "This is my heart voice. I know my heart voice." Once you say this repeatedly as many times as you choose, say the following and repeat them as many times as you feel called to: "I am Infinite Source Love." "I am Infinite Source Light." "I am a higher dimensional being of Love and Light." Allow yourself to sit with each one, really connecting with your heart and allowing the remembering of these mantras to activate within your entire being. Allow your heart energy to flow throughout your entire body and expand outward into your energy field, trusting that the love in your heart will flow to where it needs to in order to heal what you are ready to release at this time. Sit for as long as you like with this. Do this as often as you like. I did not create this meditation, though esoteric wisdom must be shared infinitely in order for us to rise up together. May your love carry you home to your hearts. <3

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