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Self-Acceptance Part 3: Forgiveness

At some point in our lives, I'm sure that we've all been taught that if we did something "bad" or "wrong" we had to apologize for hurting the other person and hopefully they would forgive us. But in all honesty, what power does someone have over us to forgive us? On the flip side, who are we to act like we have power over another to forgive them? No matter who "forgives" us for anything we've said or done, if we do not learn to how to forgive ourselves then the pain will still be there and we will walk around carrying another layer of lower vibrational emotional traumas that impose guilt, shame, sadness, fear, get my drift. All of those things will manifest how we treat ourselves and others coming from a place of subconscious unawareness and will create a deeper feeling of the illusion that we are separate from Source Love and Source Light. Forgiving oneself can possibly be one of the most difficult things we can learn how to do. We want to "be good" and "do good" so bad that we attach to the fact that we must "be good" and "do good things." This creates a huge imbalance within us because we then are attaching to a thought that was created from a place of fear that we maybe aren't good. If we can learn to trust that the absolute only pure and true essence of our entire being is infinite Love and Infinite Light, then there will be no need to attach to wanting to "be good" or "do good." We simply will be accepting of ourselves and trust that we CAN and WILL do good and be good simply because it is the core essence of our being. When we open our hearts to ourselves and accept that there have been moments in our lives that we have not treated ourselves and others from that place of love within us, then we are able to forgive ourselves for giving our power to the lower density vibrations of fear, anger, sadness and well, anything that has been imposed on us to create an imbalance within our spiritual, mental, emotional or physical states of being. In order to truly forgive ourselves for absolutely anything, we must remember that our core infinite essence is Source Love and Source Light, and that any thoughts, feelings and actions that we experience within ourselves or even project outwardly at others are imposed upon us from an external source that is trying to create an illusion for us to believe that we are separate from the infinite Source Love and Light that we truly are. To remember what has been stated in the paragraph above will start to become an experientially understood state of being within your consciousness and you will begin to raise your vibration of your human suit as well as your mental and emotional bodies. When you face your fears by looking eye to eye with the darkest aspects of yourself is when you have chosen to learn how to bring balance within yourself through the Universal Law of Polarity. The Universal Law of Polarity states that everything has its opposites: dark and light, good and evil, war and peace, love and hate; and that each opposite are two extremes of the same thing, the only difference is that of one degree. To be able to stop beating ourselves up for when we have done something from an unloving place to ourselves or others and recognize that the dark can be transmuted to light and that you are worthy of forgiving yourself for any unloving act, gesture or remark, you will be experiencing yourself from a place of Purity that is who you truly are. Humility and patience are essential for this process, along with self-nurture, self-compassion and trust in your Infinite, loving Identity even if you do not yet know how to experience the awareness of yourself as this Infinite Source Love and Source Light. Light will never oppose dark because Light knows that they are One of the same Infinite Source, whether the dark consciously remembers this or not. Within us and outside of us, we must have the trust in the Infinite Love that which we truly are to be what we return to in every moment of every day with every breath. TRY THIS: Allow yourself to just observe yourself. Place your hands on your heart and breathe into your heart energy to open your heart up more. After taking a few breaths and you feel connected to your heart (or maybe your hands are warming up and this is your sign that your heart has opened) speak with your heart voice within your heart and ask, "Where in my life am I not giving myself love?" Allow your heart to show you. Any thoughts, feelings or emotions that create fear, anger or sadness that arise from this question are to be observed, acknowledged and felt. Allow yourself to first accept that they are truly there. Then after accepting that they are there and that is how you've been treating yourself, allow yourself to feel the emotions that arise with the awareness that you are forgiving yourself for what you have done and that you are worthy of releasing the pain that you've been carrying from doing so, trusting that you are NOT this pain, and that you are NOT the actions or words you've done or said. After releasing the emotions in a healthy way and you feel you are done releasing them, breathe back into your heart and give yourself gratitude and love for healing the layer(s) with self-nurture and trust that you are Infinite Source Love and Infinite Source Light.


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