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Self-Trust and Opening Our Hearts

To open our hearts, we must be not afraid. To be not afraid we must let go of all doubts we hold within ourselves. Through letting go of all doubts we come to know the experience of self - trust. When releasing these doubts we may feel resistance and fear may kick in - because it can be a scary thought to be trusting of yourself. "How do I know I can trust myself?" Once we FEEL the self - trust it will be easier to make every decision and speak every word from the place in your heart where there is always love. This will set you free. Yes. Open our hearts and we will be set free. What a blessing that will be - the day we can trust we are always coming from a place of love in every interaction, every experience of every moment. The key is to trust without fear. When we fear, this blocks us from the full trust that we will come from that place of infinite love. When we trust, we come from our hearts with love naturally, effortlessly and intentionally without trying each and every time. There will be no making decisions because we think they are loving, we will make decisions simply because we trust that we ARE love. This is where we arrive at the understanding that there is no separation between who we are and what love is. You see, it's not about "Oh well he's more in his heart than me so I have to do all this..." or "she already understands this so much and I may never..." There is zero need for judgment or comparison. At that point you'd just be judging another person's journey and comparing it to your judgment on your own journey. Doing this will only slow down our healing process and we will remain separated from truly understanding and experiencing who we truly are as beings of Infinite Source Love. Simultaneously, when we come back into our hearts, we are able to trust that we will always come from that place of infinite love because it will be an accessible, recognizable and understood truth that we can engage in and observe every experience from that space within us where there is always love. This is not to be misunderstood and beat ourselves up when we have moments where anger, fear or sadness seemingly take control for a moment or two, or three. We must understand that there are layers to each trauma, every pain we have ever felt. The beauty of it is that we have the total and infinite potential and sovereignty to come back to the infinite love within our hearts and forgive ourselves for the learning process not being perfect and embrace ourselves in the trust that "I will learn how to stay in my heart anyways, no matter what past projections I have sent out, no matter what nasty comments were made, no matter what pain was put on me that I did not consent to. I will learn how to stay in my heart anyways, because I trust that I am love, and I am worthy of knowing my true self as a being of Love." We truly are infinitely worthy of opening our hearts. There comes a time when we are able to experience this infiniteness of our be-ing. The true Source Identity we are beyond all ego, all duality, all illusions. We are capable of magnificent, beautiful things - may all of us open our hearts to the infinite abundance love has to offer and learn how to trust ourselves. No one out there is ever alone. We are all a part of one Source, one creation, one Love. As Ram Dass once said "We are all just walking each other home." ~Written by Amanda on 5.11.2022

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