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The Difference Between Listening to Intellect and the Heart

We'll start off with this question: What is intellect? Let's look at the Oxford Dictionary's definition of intellect: "the faculty of reasoning and understanding objectively, especially with regard to abstract or academic matters;" and "the understanding or mental powers of a particular person" and "an intelligent or intellectual person." So why not intellect? Let's break down this definition with reasons of why to choose following your heart instead. Nowhere in this definition from the Oxford Dictionary says anything about three essential KEY parts of our very existence: truth, love and heart. To reason means to use logic, which is done in the left brain. Our heart energy is only really working with a very small section of our left brain; our hearts are actually creating harmony within us only when connected to the right brain. To use logic or reasoning, we are cutting out the intuitive nature we are naturally intended to be. We are spiritual beings having a human experience, not human beings having spiritual experiences. So when we open ourselves to listening to our hearts instead of logic and reasoning, we are accessing the true infinite nature of our being. This being said, "the faculty of reasoning" is not allowing us to access the infinite nature of our being. Here's an even more disgusting flaw in this definition and the second half of that first part of the beginning sentence: "understanding objectively." Going back to the Oxford Dictionary, "objectively" is defined as this: in a way that is not influenced by personal feelings or opinions." News flash: we are infinite beings of love and light, and part of human DNA IS emotional. IT IS NORMAL to connect with our emotions and to respond to ourselves and others accordingly. As long as we go within and listen to what resonates with our hearts and respond instead of react, then we will always make decisions that are for our highest good from a place of self love and self nurture. "The faculty of reasoning and understanding objectively" ....there are many programs in this world that teach us to always use intellect. Well, my friends. To use intellect by this definition does not allow you to access the infinite nature of your TRUE Source Love and Source Light identity. And we aren't even done breaking down this definition. Yikes. Here is the second half of the first definition: "especially with regard to abstract and academic matters." What is the meaning of abstract? Happy to give you Oxford Dictionary's definition: "consider (something) theoretically or separately from something else." What is the meaning of academic? Let's ask Oxford Dictionary: "relating to education and scholarship" and "not of practical relevance; of only theoretical interest." So basically, we are being told that we must always use intellect to make decisions and come up with solutions to problems as if we are robots with no emotions or true understanding of the infinite consciousness that we are and that we can access within our hearts. There is no thing and no one that we should see as separate from us, so why make it part of the definition of intellect? Because they want us to see us as separate from everything. That is the only thing that makes sense to me. As for academic matters; relating to education and scholarship, yet of only theoretical interest. Did that definition just tell us that academics in school are all theory based? Probably because they are not teaching us anything about who we truly are and their information comes from limited perception stemming from separateness instead of from the infinite nature of our Pure Infinite Source Love and Infinite Source Light being where we are ONE with the all there is, no limitations and definitely no separation. Let's break down the next part of the definition of intellect. "The understanding or mental powers of a particular person." Key words in this: mental powers. The mental powers we attain are dependent on the connection with our hearts. If the heart is not connecting to the One Mind Universal Consciousness we cannot truly be creating an understanding of anything from a place of Infinite Source Love and Infinite Source Light. The mental powers they speak of are limiting since they do not explain how to connect your mental DNA strands to the Source Consciousness DNA strands within our human suits (human bodies). If there is a disconnect, you will be generating reactions based on intellect and living in duality...meaning that there will always be black vs white, right vs wrong, peace vs war and you will always feel separate until you change this imposed programming within your thoughts and decision making. Lastly, here is the end piece of the Oxford Dictionary's definition of intellect: "an intelligent or intellectual person." So, you are saying that there are intelligent and unintelligent people? WHY DON'T YOU TEACH EVERYONE THE TRUTH INSTEAD OF LIES OF SEPARATION AND ILLUSION! This would make sense to me. Creating decisions based in intellect is creating from a place of separation unconsciousness. When you place your hands on the center of your chest at your heart chakra, breathing into this space and allowing yourself to slip into that space in your heart where there is always love, you can create and discern all things from a place of love. There is no fear, anger or sadness in this spaciousness within your heart, and therefore you can know, understand and overall experience truth in all of it's beauty. You are worthy of knowing the true essence of your be - ing. You are worthy of feeling loved. You are worthy of feeling safe. You are worthy of knowing that you are never alone because you are connected to Source Love and Source Light no more than the sun or the wind or the trees or the birds, or your sisters or brothers who walk this earth with us. You are never alone because we are One, and the moment you call on that Infinite Source Love and Infinite Source Light within and around you for support and guidance you will receive it. You are worthy. Namaste.

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