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The Illusion Of Anger

March 14, 2022 Anger is often one of the most feared emotions we hold within us. People scream and cry, break things, throw things, say nasty things to the people they love, and speak hatred unto themselves as well. This is because anger is not part of our true nature. Listening to our hearts through these experiences without allowing anger to creep in and quickly take control is what is essential for us to heal from the root of what triggered us to feel anger in the first place. Lately, I have been releasing many personal experiences of trauma in which anger has played a major role in certain areas of my energy field, for some time. Of course, other emotions than anger have contributed to imbalances in my overall state of wellness, from these various traumatic experiences, though the one I've spent the most time releasing as of recent is anger. From experiences that are more current, I have become aware of the fact that all of the anger that arises about what is happening in the moment of "here and now" is truly not from anything that has to do with what I'm currently experiencing. What happens today in my life, is only triggering the anger about similar and more traumatic things that have happened in the past or in past lives to arise. This being said: the more deeply that I come to this awareness, the more I recognize just how much anger has no part of my (and our) true existence. Someone once shared with me this perspective: What happens when you shine a light in the dark? (I'll tell you) The dark becomes light. All things dark (like the dense emotion of anger) have strayed so far from their pure essence that they forgot that Pure Love and Pure Light are their true nature. There is much to share about this emotion. It is essential to remember this in order to remain within your heart and always express yourself from a place of love: Anger is an illusion. More on anger will be written and broken down in a separate blog post. Feel free to listen to my song "Black Butterfly;" that I wrote to help myself and others to release emotions or parts of our "selves," or our "ego" that are difficult to face. These challenging emotions and parts of what we have always believed to be part of our identity that weigh on us and stray us from love, no longer need to be held on to, or assumed to be part of us forever. These things that are painful are not us! If you are open to try this, listen to "Black Butterfly" with your eyes closed and your hands on your heart chakra (in the center of your chest) and allow any feelings that come up. Allow these feelings to arise, and without attaching to them, let them go. Trust that you are worthy to let the painful emotions or previous situations you've held on to, go. I believe in you! We are ALL worthy of knowing that our true essence is Infinite Pure Source Love and Infinite Pure Source Light. May you all have a wonderful week. You are loved. You are nurtured. You are supported. Link to original song "Black Butterfly" : Black Butterfly - YouTube

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