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About Ripple Effect Wellness Retreat

This July Amanda from Wolf Within, Emma from Her Happy Medium and James at Apple Cove Farm are working together to create a holistic healing retreat celebrating life, love and unity through holistic commUNITY based workshops, live music, vendors, camping, adult-friendly slip n' slide and more!

The music line up as well as the ticket link for this retreat will be posted on December 29, 2023!

Come submerge yourself in the wonderous waters of the sacred within and around for a weekend to BE together in love, for love and as love is our primary purpose.

This is a substance free event, all are welcome though we ask for you to please help us create a safe space for all who attend including our children and anyone who are possibly in recovery!

This is a family-friendly and pet-free event.
We will have access to a bathhouse.

We are so grateful for this and immeasurably grateful to be co-creating a space where people can feel safe to be themselves play, and experience more healing practices and we will be GRATEFUL to see you beautiful beings in July!!

Water: the sacred nectar of life which connects All Our Relations.
Ripples which expand from a stone thrown into sea can only begin once the sea meets the stone. The stone is our focal point: which we can view as our hearts. We are both the stone and the being throwing the stone, making the choice to create a vibration of love which can ripple from our hearts to others.

The ripple begins within.

Retreat Schedule   Coming Soon

Line UP!


Brother Mikey

Brother Mikey is a singer/songwriter from Orlando Florida. Born in Bayamon, Puerto Rico and raised in The Bronx, N.Y.
"Music has been a part of my life for as long as i can remember, but it is only recently that I discovered the healing power it carries. Music is leading me back to my indigenous Taino roots and back to the Mother Earth".

YouTube: Brother Mikey "Warriors we are"( official Music Video) (


Brother Mikey, Budda Bless feat. Cody Coe

Budda Bless to the left, Brother Mikey holding guitar in front of Indigenous Dancer, Cody Coe.

fungi flows 1.jpg


Fungi is a Recording Artist & Freestyle Rap Magician from Pittsburgh, PA. Specializing in spontaneous improvised rapping, Fungi can take any random topic & turn it into a fun filled freestyle flow off the top of the dome! 

Dead-icated to living his purpose of spreading love and sharing his passion, Fungi combines the mystery of mushrooms and the universal language of music to bring a new paradigm of conscious hip hop medicine to the people.

YouTube: Fungi Flows - YouTube

ken e keller.jpg

Ken E. Keller

Ken E. Keller is an entertainer, song writer and musical healer. His medicine is the frequencies that move the Earth, body and soul. Known best for his funky bass and contagious energy, he will have you smiling uncontrollably with his uncanny writing style and funny stories. He calls Cape Girardeau, Missouri home and the Mississippi River his backyard. 
Ken has supported a wide variety of performers and written songs for and with some of the world's most reknown players and companies.
If his full name is on a festival bill, you will definitely see and feel his presence. One word will come to mind, "Love."
With the latest release of his 3rd solo album "Out of the Nest" and his 4th not-yet-named release coming out in early 2024, his songs have matured into a conscious way of bending story and reality with a whole lot of happiness and hope.
:"Through frequency and intent, we can heal ourselves, one another, and the planet in which we all call home."

YouTube: Grandma's Ring (feat. Michael Hunt) - YouTube

stella lumina image.jpeg

Stella Lumina

 Enchantress of sound with a big love feel, has been live looping melodies of a more loving world and creating waves of rhythm with her electric sound . She has a lofi vibe with a Jimi Hendrix twist, that’s inspiring to watch. Stella is a free spirited live  looping improv artist that has been compared to Porangui that embodies soulfulness . With music that crosses the multiverse of genres, she's a blast of flamenco Latina energy, epic bass lines  and island vibes. She commands movement like the moon rules the tides and loves to bring the dance party vibe. She had the blessing to perform at Envision Costa Rica, and Weekend at the Cave at Shawnee Cave Ampitheatre in 2023 and is set to release album 2 of a trilogy series called “IllumiNations” that has already been signed to high vibe records. Creating the pool of sacred each moment, she’s not one to miss. 

YouTube: Road Trip To Nowhere ~ Stella Lumina ~ Official Music video Adventure (
Website: Home | Jordan Serpentini
Instagram✨ Stella Lumina✨ (@stellaluminaofficial) • Instagram photos and videos


Sturg And Friends

Hailing from Carbondale, IL; Sturg and Friends provides a high energy, inspirational and uplifting catalogue of medicine music to the listener! Their sound spans from rock to reggae to folk to Americana to blues and many sounds in between! The music is coupled with lyrics that are focused on personal development, healing, environmentalism, standing for our rights, standing for our waters, standing for our land and making a stand for future generations and much, much more!They released their third full length studio albm "Permission to Heal" on March 10th of 2023 and then followed up with a single featuring Brother Mikey called "What is Coming Through" April 14th of 2023. It's said that there's more music in the making too! ;)Since their formation, Sturg and Friends has had the honor of sharing the same stage as some other amazing artists including: Wookiefoot, Mike Love, Dirtwire, Little Stranger, Opiuo, Indubious, The Floozies, Yaima, Sierra Marin, Aaron Hale and many more!!

YouTube:  Sturg and Friends - Happy Blues live at Hangar 9 (432 HZ) (
Spotify: Sturg and Friends | Spotify


Emerald Alliance - Moroni Lane  

Emerald Alliance is a duo from Dayton, OH with a vision to apply music to uplift and unify humanity. After having their own healing experiences with trauma and addiction their songs promote the power of Community, Love and Consciousness. This musical collaboration is bringing forth a movement of community and their songs speak with a catalyst of change. With Music, Emerald Alliance hopes to create conversations and find new ways to heal as a human family. "Together we will take our power back."

YouTube: Belief (Album Version) (


Emerald Alliance - Mando McPickin

Emerald Alliance is a duo from Dayton, OH with a vision to apply music to uplift and unify humanity. After having their own healing experiences with trauma and addiction their songs promote the power of Community, Love and Consciousness. This musical collaboration is bringing forth a movement of community and their songs speak with a catalyst of change. With Music, Emerald Alliance hopes to create conversations and find new ways to heal as a human family. "Together we will take our power back."

YouTube: Belief (Album Version) (


Shamaganish (Aaron Hale) & Earth Bisuit

Bio soon to be posted!


Ryan Kynd

Ryan Kynd is a musician from central Illinois who currently resides in the Peoria area. He received his first guitar as a gift on his 7th birthday and has since developed a passion for playing hand percussion as well. After embarking on a four-year spiritual journey across the United States, Kynd discovered the ukulele and was drawn to its ability to open hearts and inspire people through its music. His ukulele style is a unique blend of deep internal experiences and self-observation, infused with a hip-hop twist that will make you want to dance and sing along. Kynd’s musical influences include solo artists such as Atmosphere, Xavier Rudd, Paul Izak, Mike Love, Dustin Thomas, and Sam Garret.

YouTube: Eureka (
Facebook: Facebook


MYQ Farrow

Outside of the band Farrow, Michael Farrow a.k.a. MYQ Farrow, a Buffalo-based singer-songwriter Creates a fusion of cathartic soul with American folk creates a sacred space that confronts the tension and isolation of modern life. MYQ Farrow is currently performing his "Better Days Series" seeing the present as a better day.

YouTube: Who Speaks for You (
Facebook: Facebook


Wolf Within

Through songwriting in the styles of electronic, folk and blues Wolf Within, formerly performing as Andasha, embodies the nourishment one can experience when listening to our hearts. Through self-recorded loops she weaves mystic melodies into the web of divine balance of body, heart, mind and spirit. Performing on piano, guitar and voice she creates a safe space for the sacred to be honored, heard and remembered within and around. Wolf Within is based out of Buffalo NY and has toured along the Northeastern states performing at many various locations, some of which were Soulvation '23 Festival in Ohio, and Willow Springs Fall UP Festival in IL. She has also been grateful to offer a cacao with live music ceremony at Shangri-La in 2023. In early 2024 Wolf Within will be releasing her new single "Ocean" featuring more of her looping style. "We are all worthy of coming to remember the love within our hearts is who we truly are...beyond ego, beyond fear, beyond doubt. In love, for love and as love, we are One."

YouTube: Heartbeat (


Colt Ball

Colt Ball is a multi-instrumentalist that explores the musical realms of folk music, reggae, funk, soul, JamBand, hiphop and singer-songwriter styles. He grew up in a small town outside of Springfield, IL and was in a household that honored the healing power of music. At an early age he gravitated towards the sounds that made him feel good. Thus coining the phrase "feel good music when folks as what to expect at a live show.

With the main focus on conscious lyrics, fun upbeat melodies, high energy stage presence, balled with a dash of goofiness Colt aims to connect with the people.

"This music journey has very little to do with the music, but it has everything to do with the people. The conversations. Music is just the ice breaker. A chance for folks to let their guard down and share an experience with another. With each other." 

He's been touring the States since Spring 2021, with his main reach in the Central/Northern parts of IL, Northwest AR and around his current living quarters in the STL, MO region.

Utilizing a homemade drum module (casted from an old Casio keyboard), a looper and both electric and acoustic guitar; the focus is creating a full sound from just one Happy ole Garden Gnome. Barefoot and fancy free he can't wait to share some space with YOU!

Concentrate - Single by Colt Ball | Spotify

YouTube: Colt Ball Music // Set Yourself Free // Live @ Willow Springs Fall UP Fest '23 (


Vishuddha (Sean Regner)

A True expression of Bhakti! At the feet of his Guru Neem Karoli Baba, his Sufi Master, Pir Shabda Kahn, his Buddhist Master, Lama Gyalsten, he rises as the vibrations within to share with all through the path of Bhakti Yoga. Shari g his practice of connecting with source through musical chanting and expressions, he creates containers of prayer. Love Everyone, Serve Everyone, Feed Everyone, Remember Source, and Tell The Truth.
May we remember our ancestors by singing and dancing praises of the Most High.Together, as One, we carry the ripple.


Facebook: Facebook



Spiria is an indie dream-pop duo from Buffalo, NY that creates colorful, dreamy soundscapes with lyrical melodies floating over intricately crafted piano lines and drum parts. 22 year-old Mikayla Manke is the singer-songwriter on keys and 20 year-old Johnny Manke is the drummer. Their close chemistry as brother and sister shows in the music and performance as they artistically bring their audience into their shared inner world. They recently released their debut album "Where the Pink Blossoms Resonate" which is now streaming on all platforms!

YouTube: Spiria | Scars | Nickel City B-Sides (
Debut Album Link: Where the Pink Blossoms Resonate - Album by Spiria | Spotify

couch and Pbass muckduck.JPG

Eric Heveron-Smith

Eric Heveron-Smith plays a live-looping, multi-instrumental solo show that showcases his versatility, virtuosity, and soulful melodic sense. A combination of original music from the Einstein’s Dreams catalog, instrumental pieces composed for solo bass, and improvisations made up on the spot, Eric layers textures together as if composing for chamber orchestra- an orchestra made up entirely of him.Although he wields diverse technical skills, here he leans more into the role of arranger, stacking up trombone and flugelhorn parts, interlocking fingerpicked guitar and bass (reminiscent of West African musicians like Ali Farka Touré and Toumani Diabaté), organic percussion grooves, soaring vocal harmonies, and lush, ambient textures. Eric invites his audience to peek in on the process of creativity, and with gentle wit and earnest joy, shares his transcendent wonder at the world around us.

YouTube: Eric Heveron-Smith - YouTube


TJ Cutajar

TJ is a singer song writer from Buffalo, NY who plays songs about life.  Its wonders, misfortunes, glories and truths. With many genre influences such as reggae, punk rock, hip hop and sad boys with acoustics TJ mashes some of his favorites together bringing his sound to life!"Beyond time there is music" and he'll have you singing for daze...TJ Cutajar is in a local band with a fantastic sound called Daze Ago and will be performing an acoustic set at Ripple Effect!YouTube: Break The Bottle (Lyric Video) - YouTube


Stephanie DeAngelis

Stephanie DeAngelis, Muskaday Bizhikay, Keeper of the Medicine Ways walks the Red & Rainbow road. She loves to express her passion for live! She is a channel for the divine flow of love! Her life mission is to reconnect people to their heART center and faith. To inspire others to WAKE from their slumbers, we are infinitely connected Star Tribe. She loves singing as a famILY, encouraging everyone to use their voice, dance, show devotion through ceremony, creating "Prayerformances." Giving all thanks to Great Spirit. She shares her testimony of addiction and mental health recovery to empower and emphasize this message for others. 

Blessed be.
Aho Mitakuye Oyasin.

Workshop Facilitators




Information on workshops and facilitators coming soon <3

The ripple begins within.
See you in July!

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