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"Heart To Higher Self" 

Group Sound Therapy Workshop
This workshop is also currently being offered as an individual session as well.
Available in person or remote.

This meditation-based workshop is facilitated with the intention to activate the DNA Heart Template and open the heart to the healing energies that are coming down to earth to heal humankind at this time. Attendees (sitters) will be guided through a series of meditations, musical adventures and musical meditations accompanied by guitar, spoken words and sung tones. Our human bodies are currently in the process of healing from carbon particle to crystal wave light. In this workshop all will learn about the essential need to activate our DNA Heart Templates and how to embrace the flow of our heart energies more fluidly throughout waking life. An intention for this workshop is that through the music we will travel together through an experience of true unconditional love and experience a deeper understanding of how to self-nurture through any experience in life that may ever be encountered.


In this expansive meditation sitters will be guided through a nurturing visual experience in which the infinite love of they truly are will be their guide and the music will nurture them through the releases that may be experienced during the meditation while supporting the opening of the heart and activation of the DNA Heart Template. This activation and inner connection brings a heightened and expansive experiential understanding of who we truly are as Infinite Beings of Infinite Love and Infinite Light having a Finite human experience.

There will also be opportunity for sitters to create an open discussion that I will lead, whom all are welcome to participate and connect with the community on sharing their personal, inner experiences.

***Three of Andasha's original compositions will be encorporated throughout this workshop to facilitate a deeper understanding of connecting with the oneness and our Infinitely Loving identities within our hearts.

These songs are:
1. Golden Love
2. Free
3. Letter To Me

This meditation workshop is open to anyone who may be seeking a deeper experiential understanding on the truth of your existence beyond the every-day struggles, instability, and duality that humankind races through each day.

If you have a calling to book this workshop at your center or location, please contact Andasha at the email listed at the bottom of this page. Also offering remote video call individual sessions for this workshop. 


"I had an incredibly restorative guided meditation sound therapy session with Andasha, and would recommend her to anyone looking for help reconnecting with their true self. It’s so easy to get caught up in the world or my own head, but as I lay there listening to her healing music, feeling the vibrations of love reverberate throughout my body, I released a load of energetic junk during the hands-free session! Andasha helped me reconnect with my heart, my higher self, and the Earth. She is an intuitive healer that uses her beautiful voice and acoustic guitar to play original music that resonates love, trust, and connection. I walked away feeling peace and love for myself, trusting that I am ready for whatever the day has for me. I felt at home in my body. I am so grateful for Andasha’s heart and creative talent. Book a session and see what I mean! You won’t regret it."

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