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Sacred Circles:  Holistic Wellness Retreat

September 24, 2023
Chestnut Ridge Park
Orchard Park, NY

Join us for some nourishing fun in the sun with workshops all day hosted by heart-concentric and intentional holistic healing practitioners in WNY. We will be very grateful to celebrate the sacredness of life through mindfulness, movement, meditation and music. More detailed descriptions of each workshop coming soon.

Retreat Schedule

Opening Reishi Mushroom Ceremony
Self-Love Workshop
Songwriting for the Soul: Creative Writing Workshop
Men's & Women's Circles
Four Winds Sound Bath

Closing Intention Setting/Gratitude Prayer
Open Mic

Meet Your Practitioners


Jordan Zimmerman

Jordan is an intuitive guide with a love for meditation, breath work and moving her body. She has had the pleasure of hosting guided meditations and other workshops at One-of-a-Kind Yoga Studio as well as Soul Healing Center. She a passion for helping others through intentional mindset, meditation and connecting to "Self" through breath. 

Instagram: @jzims222



At Ambient Sound Healing, Rachel embraces differences and champions authenticity, fostering acceptance and celebration of each person's unique journey. She guides individuals towards innate wisdom, fostering self-discovery and inner harmony.
Harnessing the inherent qualities of vibroacoustic sound healing Rachel creates an oasis for self-expression and healing that resonates on a deep level, embracing and celebrating the distinctive paths of those who experience the world differently. In this way, Ambient Sound Healing becomes more than just a practice - it becomes a sanctuary of growth, acceptance and harmony for all individuals.

Instagram: @ambientsoundhealing



Ed is a Native American flute player, yogi and meditation practitioner with a passion for healing the collective consciousness. He believes that everything we do to heal ourselves and connect with our own inner peace and internal source of Love impacts the Universe immeasurably, beyond what our five senses are capable of perceiving. After receiving his wooden flute as an inheritance gift from his late father, Ed has intuitively learned to use the flute as a tool for healing. Ed is excited to share the medicine music he creates with his flute, tuned to 432 Hz, to help soothe the collective nervous system and open hearts.
Ed will also be collaborating with Acha to host the men's circle.


Instagram: @helpingstone22



Matt, otherwise known as Acharapa offers healing plant ceremonies through Elixir Ceremonies. He is on a path of love to bring the awareness that we can heal ourselves through the healing benefits of plant medicines. Acharapa hosts many different forms of ceremonies, the most popular being tea ceremonies with nourishing herbs or mushrooms, cacao and more. He shares the healing benefits of learning from the spirit of the plants worked with in ceremony, so that One can learn to tap into the infinite loving vibrations to heal without the need for plants or any other tools worked with outside of oneself.
Acha will be collaborating with Ed to host the men's circle.

julia photo_edited_edited.jpg


Julia Reed is the owner of “One of A Kind Yoga”, a holistic art and yoga space located in Buffalo, NY! Julia has a background as an Occupational Therapy Assistant and has always felt called to work holistically- with the body, mind, & spirit. She teaches yoga classes at her studio about every night of the week and prides herself on having a class for everyone! She also hosts somatic dance classes, meditations, sound baths, and so much more!




Andasha is a sound healing practitioner and songwriter who weaves melodies and different tones in 432 HZ Frequency while performing and facilitating sound healing experiences. Through playing various kinds of tones on her electric piano, as well as singing different healing tones and playing guitar, she creates a nourishing musical journey where one can delve deep into the waters within their hearts.


Retreat Information

Full-Day Retreat Pass: $88
Partial Day Passes: $20 per workshop

Please purchase your ticket via Venmo: @andashamusic

After purchasing your ticket please send a message to us through email: so that we can easily get ahold of you!

If you are paying cash, please email us at the email listed above to reserve your seat.

**Please bring your own reusable water bottle and a packed lunch.
Some light, fruits and healthy snacks will be provided.


Thank you and see you soon!

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