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Please contact me via email or a direct message through Instagram or Facebook to book a retreat at your center or for an at-home gatherings.
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Workshops Offered

Writing Music

Creating Conscious Compassion
(Group meditation & songwriting workshop)

These co-creative songwriting workshops and individual sessions are open to anyone who is seeking a deeper experiential knowing of themselves as being love in their hearts. With so many distractions in life, many of us tend to slip into the mindset of being "too busy" for self-care. Through songwriting, singing and meditation we will journey into our hearts and release the layers of pain and trauma that keep us from embracing ourselves with love.

Golden Chakra

Heart To Higher Self

This meditation-based workshop or (when requested) individual session is facilitated with the intention to activate the DNA Heart Template and open the heart to strengthen the connection between heart and Higher Dimensional Self through connecting with the healing, loving energies that are coming down to earth to heal humankind at this time.

Creating Conscious Compassion

Where the inner experience in meditation sparks creative flow for conscious compassion towards oneself through heart-concentric group songwriting.

Music is a beautiful ally that can assist in the healing of all that is within us that is not loving to integrate the loving energies of who we truly are. It can also help us to learn what our inner voice sounds like, who our inner voice really is and how to release the layers of pain, suffering and trauma that our souls have experienced that have prevented us from listening to our inner voice within every moment of every day and every breath. 

These Intuitive, free flowing, self-introspective, FUN AND CREATIVE group songwriting circles are open to anyone who is seeking a deeper inner focus to heal from all of the pain and suffering that we have experienced through traumas of all kinds, whether they be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. We are ALL worthy of remembering that we are not separate from the love within our hearts. Together we will create intentional connection with our hearts and higher selves (our souls) for healing from all low vibrational emotions and traumas while co-creating music in a light-hearted, nurturing fashion! Connecting with our hearts and higher selves is how we raise our personal vibration. Through various musical techniques we will journey through self-introspections of all kinds creating a space where we learn how to see ourselves as no-thing separate from the love in our hearts, that we truly are Infinite Beings of Infinite Love and Light and what that really means you-to-you.

As creator beings by nature, group songwriting circles are designed to give you an opportunity to tap into your creative life force energy and self-expression. Through developing a heightened sense of how to lovingly express ourselves and come back into the Here And Now, you will strengthen the connection between your heart and higher dimensional self.

The love you have been seeking is within your heart, you are worthy of experiencing that you are not separate from this Infinite Love.

Anyone who wants to become more present in every moment of every day with every breath, and to learn how to listen to our heart voice and higher self for loving guidance to free yourself from low vibrational energies of fear, anger and sadness.

Developing the ability to listen to your  inner heart voice incorporated into these workshops and this will be a key aspect of your healing as well as creative writing.

What an experience at a Music Meets Consciousness workshop will look like:
Every workshop will have a general outline: we will begin with a discussion that pertains to raising our personal vibration and frequency to elevate our awareness into higher dimensions of our own consciousness. After this we will go into a few short, self-introspective guided meditations, followed by the fun of group songwriting!


**Please note that we will be writing one song, as a collective group. All are welcome. No previous musical experience required. Our voices and bodies will be our only instruments. Thank you! :)

There is no better time than now to step out of our comfort zones and try something new; let's have fun with this!!!

Heart To Higher Self

This meditation-based session is facilitated with the intention to activate the DNA Heart Template and open the heart to the healing energies that are coming down to earth to heal humankind at this time. Attendees (sitters) will be guided through a series of meditations, musical adventures and musical meditations accompanied by guitar, spoken words and sung tones. Our human bodies are currently in the process of healing from carbon particle to crystal wave light. In this workshop all will learn about the essential need to activate our DNA Heart Templates and how to embrace the flow of our heart energies more fluidly throughout waking life. An intention for this workshop is that through the music we will travel together through an experience of true unconditional love and experience a deeper understanding of how to self-nurture through any experience in life that may ever be encountered.


In this expansive meditation sitters will be guided through a nurturing visual experience in which the infinite love of they truly are will be their guide and the music will nurture them through the releases that may be experienced during the meditation while supporting the opening of the heart and activation of the DNA Heart Template. This activation and inner connection brings a heightened and expansive experiential understanding of who we truly are as Infinite Beings of Infinite Love and Infinite Light having a Finite human experience.

There will also be opportunity for sitters to create an open discussion that I will lead, whom all are welcome to participate and connect with the community on sharing their personal, inner experiences.

***Three of Andasha's original compositions will be incorporated throughout this workshop to facilitate a deeper understanding of connecting with the oneness and our Infinitely Loving identities within our hearts.

These songs are:
1. Golden Love
2. Free
3. Letter To Me


This meditation workshop is open to anyone who may be seeking a deeper experiential understanding on the truth of your existence beyond the every-day struggles, instabilities, ego and duality that humankind races through each day.

**All bookings must be made via email, Instagram or Facebook messenger.

Exchange is $30.00 for one session. Please contact to book appointment.

Please keep in mind that these workshops are designed to assist your current health and wellness plan but do not replace your current health and wellness plan as I am not a licensed mental health professional.

All are welcome.


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