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Meet Amanda

Through songwriting in the styles of electronic, folk and blues Amanda, performing as Wolf Within, embodies the nourishment one can experience when listening to our hearts. Through self-recorded loops she weaves mystic melodies into the web of divine balance of body, heart, mind and spirit. Performing on piano, guitar and voice she creates a safe space for the sacred to be honored, heard and remembered within and around.
Just as the spirit of wolf, she embraces the strength within to be a light for others to remember how to take their power back from all which doesn't serve them with love.
"We are all worthy of coming to remember the love within our hearts is who we truly are...beyond ego, beyond fear, beyond doubt. In love, for love and as love, we are One."

Amanda's Musical Background in a nutsell
Since age 12 Amanda has been writing original music, spending all of grade school from 4th through 12th grade studying band and orchestra. Extra-curricular orchestral groups were Southtowns Youth Orchestra, Greater Buffalo Youth Orchestra, New York State Summer of Orchestral Studies in Saratoga Springs and American Music Abroad. Amanda graduated from SUNY Fredonia in 2019 with a Bachelor's Degree in Applied Music and has since been expanding her music career through performing her original music and hosting music-based workshops focusing on offering opportunities for self-healing and developing a heightened understanding that we are all worthy of embracing ourselves with love and nurture.
Amanda has performed at various large events such as Moon Bloom Music & Wellness Retreat in Oneida, NY, Buffalo Cherry Blossom Festival and Music Is Art Festival in Buffalo, NY, SOULVATION Festival 2023 in Ohio, Willow Springs Fall UP Festival in IL and more. She is also curating her own wellness retreat which will also have live music July 18-21 of 2024 called "Ripple Effect Wellness Retreat" which will be held in Gainesville, NY.

To heal oneself, one must not be afraid to listen to their heart's truth. To free one's mind, one must choose to listen. We are all worthy of following our hearts. What are you waiting for?

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