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May we embrace the love within and around through the healing benefits of music, meditation, the power of our heart's voices, the peace within the spirit of commUNITY.
We are ALL worthy of feeling heard.

For the list of all upcoming events please see Home Page.

Music Sheets

Community Music Circles

CommUNITY Music Circles are designed to give songwriters of any beginner to professional level an opportunity to tap into their gifts with intention of bringing love into their creative writing for the healing of themselves and their audience. You don't have to be a musician to attend, if you enjoy music, creative writing and trying new commUNITY focused events these workshops could be wonderful for you!

During these commUNITY music circles we will first have the opportunity to introduce ourselves, sharing where we are all at that day. Then you will be guided through a few short meditations that will give you space to let go of anything you walked through the door with: heavy thoughts, fears, anxieties, anger, stress or troubles of any kind to open to the vibrations of love, fun, creativity and inner child play! The space created in these workshops is a safe space for vulnerability and you will be supported and nurtured with love through any releases you may have. Once these meditations are complete we will begin the group songwriting! Everyone will split into groups and have a different subtopic off from the same theme of the day. You will be given a specific length of time to create a song with your group. When time is up each group will have the opportunity to perform their song for the other groups! 

All that is required for your attendance is an open mind and the willingness to heal, grow and have fun! This is a workshop that involves lots of inner child play and focus on expanding our creativity. 

**Just a reminder this is open to anyone even if you don't play any instruments, but if you DO play an instrument then please bring it! If you have access to drums, shakers or other hand percussive instruments please bring those as well!

Songwriting for the Soul (Individual Sessions)

Are you a songwriter seeking inspiration to create music that has more optimistic or inspiring messages?  Do you feel blocked creatively, and have a burning desire to clear the blockage and light up your heart with music again?
Have you always wanted to try learning an instrument or expand your abilities in creative writing?
Do you have some heavy emotions, thoughts and/or experiences you are healing from and are interested in trying a new holistic approach?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it would be an honor to hold space with you and sit with you in an individual "Songwriting For The Soul" session!

During a Songwriting for the Soul session, you will experience:
~Guided meditations created on-the-spot depending on your mental & emotional needs at time of session ~Creative writing is inspired by the guided meditations. Open discussion to work through any thoughts, feelings or emotions that arise will be addressed with respect and compassion so you can release and heal.
~Songwriting tips or techniques for expanding, developing and discovering your creative writing style
~Opportunity to write your own song on the spot!
~Opportunity to put your song to music if you do not know how to play an instrument and would like to learn your song on piano, guitar or ukulele. If you do not wish to learn how to play an instrument but would prefer me to add the instrumentation, you will be able to write your melody and sing along with me while I help create your instrumentation!

These sessions give the opportunity to delve deep into emotional, mental, physical and spiritual imablances which have been blocking your creative life force energy from flowing organically. You are worthy and INFINITELY CAPABLE of creating all things from that love within your heart...for this love is infinite, unconditional, and is who you truly are! Let's grow <3

Exchange per session: $123 
Any individual sessions are offered remotely as well.


The Transcendental Hearts Meditation workshop consists of a guided meditation experience which is channeled specifically for you at the time of the event. In a workshop setting, the guided meditation will take you on a visual journey into a celestial experience into your heart cave, connecting with the Spirit Keepers of Mother Earth, a hike up a mountain, activation of your Soul Star DNA and more through a visual story that will expand your Clair Senses, heighten your ability to access your Infinite Consciousness from a vibration of Infinite Love while elevating your awareness of the "Self"  being Infinite Love.

We are not separate from vibrations of Infinite Love: we ARE Infinite Love. When we release the lower vibrational emotions we allow ourselves to return to the love in our hearts and experience any situation with clarity from a place of love.


"When you understand that form is the form of the formless, coming and going takes no place but where you are...when you understand that thought is the thought of the thoughtless, your singing and dancing is like no other than the voice of the Dharma."

Every meditation will have moments where the story is on pause and a sound bath experience will hold space for any integration, reflection and inner expansion to create a personalized inner experience of the journey. Though the meditation will be the same storyline for every person attending, your experience may be completely different from the person next to you.

Transcendental Music Meditations offered as workshops AND if desired, individual sessions upon request.


During an individual Transcendental Music Meditation experience you will experience:
~Intuitive reading with channeled messages from your higher self 
~Personalized, channeled guided meditation with musical sound bath experience
~Time for integration
~Space to ask questions
~Opportunity to learn intuitive techniques for self-healing with sound, meditation.)

For attendance please bring:

~water bottle
~a yoga mat, blanket and/or anything else you may prefer to lay on and cover up with


Individual Session: $123 



These recovery-based commUNITY circles are created with the intention to provide a safe space for people recovering from substance addiction to become part of a commUNITY-focused experience to self-reflect on any unhealthy mental and emotional patterns which do not serve us with love.

Through meditation, open discussions and group songwriting we will delve into the reasons why we may have judgment, resentment, guilt, shame and more towards ourselves and others.

These workshops are designed by a human in recovery for humans in recovery:
We are all in this together.
We are all worthy of remembering that the love within our heart exists AND that this is who we are, no matter how many "distractions" life has thrown in our way.
You are loved, and you are love. 

These workshops follow a similar outline as regular commUNITY circles, just with more focus on self-reflection to heal the emotional and mental burdens we carry from self-realization that we have done harm to ourselves and others. Fun will be a forte, though healing will also certainly be our goal in this commUNITY setting.

Currently being offered at Sparks of Hope in Hamburg, NY as well as open for bookings anywhere.

Paper Cut Heart



"Creating Conscious Compassion"  is an event which I have created to spread awareness of substance addiction, mental health as well as what to observe within oneself and others that are indicators of substance addiction. The focus of these events are to bring awareness of holistic practices promoting self-introspection, self-love and self-nurture to develop a more elevated presence within the moment of Here and Now with love and compassion towards oneself and others.

The public speaking section begins with sharing information including a summary of personal experiences throughout the years I spent during active addiction as well as the story of how I got clean and what has brought me to this very moment with passion to share the stories. While sharing the stories I've experienced I will segway into a few original compositions which are deep inspirations for healing, self-nourishment and self-compassion in hopes that they spark a higher perspective within attendees to recognize that they are worthy of love, because they are love.

Following the public speaking/performance segment of the workshop, everyone who attends will be guided through a series of short self-introspective meditations which fuel the fire of inspiration for the songwriting segment of the workshop. Following the mini guided meditations, everyone will split into small groups with up to eight people. Each group will co-create a song with their assigned topic.
Following the group songwriting segment, all groups will take turns performing their new songs for the others.


These events are offered at middle schools, high schools, universities and any other space that aligns with a likeminded interest or importance for the topics of substance addiction and mental health. 



Cacao ceremonies are a heart-based experience which allow you as the participant to illuminate any blockages within your internal and external realms of wellness. These energetic blockages are caused by any form of trauma or other challenges we may have experienced previously or are currently facing in our lives. The heart when in balance, radiates love but when our heart chakra is imbalanced it is blocked by grief. During these ceremonies, y
ou Mama Cacao will guide you through an expansive ceremony in her honor, which will begin with an opening prayer sending gratitude and love to the natural elements of Grandmother Earth. You will have the opportunity to have your own experience in ceremony, these ceremonies are facilitated for anyone who has been to a cacao ceremony and is a first-time attendee. After moments of silence your journey will continue with light encoded musical sound bath channeling the vibrations of Love from Mama Cacao for illumination of your experience. You are welcome to lay down, sit, stretch or however you feel it resonates for you to listen to Mama Cacao and allow your love to flow. 

During these musical medicine and cacao journeys, your personal experience will be very specific to you: your needs, wants and how deep you choose to look into your personal healing will be honored and supported. No two experiences will be alike, and you will only learn as much as you are open to learning.

The Cacao I currently have to offer is from a farm in the Cahabon region of Alta Verapaz, nestled within a Guatemalan Cloud Forest. 
Cacao ceremonies are offered in group settings, private at-home events or individual sessions per request.

Olive Grove

Communicating With Nature

So many of us have heard of the wisdom trees carry, or that water holds memory. Though how many of us have sat and been able to hear the downloads of wisdom from the heart of a tree friend or receive a soul activation of our memory through a connection with the heart of the water?

WE CAN ALL DO IT! If you trust in your intuitive gifts then you will be able to! The key to developing a humble connection with all of the elements, plants, flowers, trees, birds, Grandmother Earth (etc.) is to develop trust in your own heart voice, and to understand the power of your word.

It is essential to always come from our hearts, meaning to ALWAYS be open to hear the lessons these spirits of love have to share with us, without manipulating the answers to get the answer we want instead of need.

Always being honest with ourselves to receive the messages and transmissions we NEED for growth and a deeper connection with ourselves as being One is how we learn and grow. 
Gratitude will remain a major part of developing this conscious connection with Grandmother Nature.

When we learn to communicate with nature, incredible things start to happen. We realize that loneliness is an illusion for even if we are the only human physically present, we ARE the life force energies of love flowing through our hearts as well as the hearts of All Our Relations, such as the waters, trees, every blade of grass, bees, praying mantis, grasshoper, wolf, fire, etc.


These workshops are going to be offered every other week and will be 100% remote. You will receive MP3 recordings of guided meditations which you can download and take anywhere (preferably outdoors) your heart desires to nourish your body, heart, mind and spirit. With your first-time payment you will receive bonus MP3 tracks that give you guided meditations on how to listen to your heart voice, learn how to experience your heart and higher self with all of your Clair senses. These will help you develop balance between body, mind, heart and spirit as well as expand your trust in how to connect with yourself and others from your heart, while listening to your heart and higher self. When you can trust that it's your heart you're communicating through it will be easier to connect with the Hearts of All Our Relations in Nature, as nature. 

Contact me via email at to discuss payments. As the course grows longer, you will be able to pay for more meditations and discounts will be offered to receive previously shared guided meditations!

Community is essential for continued inspiration to connect with the spirit of Love in All Our Relations! Through community we can develop such a deep sense of Oneness and harmony which helps us grow in ways beyond all knowledge! Click here to head to our "CommUNITY commUNIcates with Mother Nature"  group on Facebook!

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