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I Am

Please take your time reading this blog post. Read every word slowly and mindfully, allowing yourself to pause on every individual word and truly experience what they feel like, sounds like, looks like. Before reading this, I ask that you place your hands on your heart and tell yourself speaking you to you, that it is safe to open your heart to love and nurture yourself through this passage. You are worthy of the compassion and truths you are about to experience, you to you.

I am Infinite. I am love. I am light. My heart energy radiates infinite love and infinite light. I am aware of every breath I take at every moment of every day. I allow my mind to be still and I am open to hearing the voice of my heart. I am safe to live in the Here And Now. I am unconditionally loved, and love unconditionally. I am peace. I communicate with myself through the love in my heart. I breathe peace in, I breathe out releasing anger. I breathe safety in, I breathe fear out. I breathe love in, I breathe sadness out. I am Infinite Source Creativity. Infinite Source Creativity flows into and through me. I create love through inspiring endeavors of my choosing. I am open to becoming inspired. I am open to passionately embracing my creativity with gratitude and love. I am proud of myself for choosing to open my heart even when times seem dark.

I am Infinite Source Intelligence. I remember the esoteric wisdom that I am a higher dimensional being inhabiting a human experience and human body. I trust in my intuition and I remember that I am one with the All There Is. There is no separation. I am aware that I am aware that I am aware.

I am Infinite Source Love. I love infinitely and conditionally. I love all and understand that I am not separate from Source Love. I remember that I am Source Love. I love myself as a being one with the Infinite Source Love within and around.

I am Infinite Source Manifestation. I manifest all from the place in my heart where there is always love. I connect my heart with my higher self, and manifest from a higher dimensional place where duality and ego do not exist. I am always present in the Here And Now. I am in alignment with Source Time now.

I am Source Freedom.

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