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Understanding Grief: Part 2

To many of us, our first true understanding of grief has arisen from the discovering that a loved one is now deceased. We have been given the understanding that grief is an expression of the fear, anger and sadness through rage, depression, silence, anxiety, mood swings and more. Though the key factor to grief is the feeling that we lost something from our lives. Now the truth is, we never lost these people who we love oh so dearly. In fact, they are still with us and we are the ones with a disconnect from them. It's easier for them to connect with us but we have a harder time to connect with them. Why is this? I'll let you ask yourselves that question.

When we experience grief, we have all at some point asked ourselves, why do we feel like we have lost someone or something that we love? Why do we feel like the love is gone? Why do I feel unhappy and like a part of me has disappeared? This is where it gets really heavy on our hearts, because we are yearning for the loss of something that once made us feel so love and connected, valued and comfortable. The key most important thing we need to understand is that the feeling of this loss comes from the feeling of being separate - that we are not one with the same Source that the loved one that has passed is connected to. When we feel separate, we attach ourselves to people, possessions, outcomes, expectations, forming our egos and allowing ourselves to remain living in duality when instead we are to be opening our hearts to recognize the oneness in the infiniteness of our pureness and the love that never fades. When we open our hearts to pure states of consciousness we recognize that there is no need to fear that the love has dissipated. We become aware that love is indeed always within and around, and that our deceased loved ones are just embodying this love simply in a different form. Actually they are probably able to learn how to connect with their hearts at a much faster rate than we are given the fact they don't have the limitations of a human body anymore. Whether it's by putting down the ice cream, or giving yourself the opportunity to rest your mind and body with a bath or a short nap before scrambling to get chores around the house done, or opening your heart to let someone in because you trust that their love is something that feels safe to you and can nurture your growth.....when we choose to love ourselves in every moment of every breath of the Here And Now, we are choosing to love all. When we open our hearts to the total realization that we are healing and learning, and have no need to feel that there is a disconnect between us and the love in our hearts, we come to a pure state of conscious awareness that there is no separation and all that we feel has been lost needs not to be grieved and instead be given gratitude for the love that it or they have shared with us up to the moments of Here And Now. It is important to remember to give ourselves gratitude as well, for the openness to learn to love as the true infinitely loving beings we are. The remembering is so vital to nourishing our growth and nurturing our expansion as beings of Infinite Source Love and Infinite Source Light. Welcome the divinity of your true nature in, place your hands on your heart, let your mind fall silent and with your awareness on your heart's energy, ask your heart to show you this: "Where in my heart is the place where there is always love?" and let yourselves fall into this space as often and as long as you'd like. You are worthy of knowing the divine love of your true identity, beyond illusions created by fear, anger and sadness. Namaste

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